Training solution


Tylos Human Development offers the best training solutions to anyone (individual or organization) who seeks excellence within the workforce. THD provides flexible courses that are designed according to the needs of its clients and learners. THD ensures that all courses meet with or exceed its clients’ expectations.

Course Customization

To adapt the clients’ needs and requirements, THD offers customization of its courses. This ensures that the competencies needed by the learners and/or employers are met accordingly. THD also offers flexibility in terms of scheduling that  provides convenience to its clients.

Open Courses

THD also offers open courses for both corporate clients or groups that are interested in enhancing their workforce competencies.

* Corporate clients or group enrollments can request the courses they need on their chosen schedule.

Language Courses

THD is the exclusive partner of Direct English in the Kingdom of Bahrain, moreover Direct English is one of the most effective English language programs in the world. Provided by the Linguaphone Group, a global leader in language training based in the UK, its unique methodology helps thousands of people learn the vital international language of business and communication – English. And the numbers keep on growing.

Recruitment Services

Apart from training services, THD also offers recruitment assistance to companies by training potential candidates with the required knowledge, skills and competencies for certain positions. This, not only,  prepares the potential employees for the job but it also ensures that the right people are hired.

Training Consultancy

THD also offers consultancy services for organizations that need to identify training needs through extensive Training Needs Analysis. With this, organizations can be assured that they will be able to provide their employees with the exact training they need.


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